2015 - One Big Idea

It all started with a “what-if” idea by Kyle Fox, which quickly escalated into motion. This journey led to our first flag known as “Baby Betsy” which measures 60’x30′.

2015 - Baby Betsy Flies

Our first flag flew for the first time in Grove Creek Canyon on July 4th, 2015.

2017 - A Bigger Idea

“Go big or go home”, a phrase Kyle Fox knows all too well. Another idea was sparked and quickly became a reality. The largest American flag to ever fly, measured at 150’x78′, and known as “Big Betsy”, was acquired.

2017 - Big Betsy Flies

The largest free-flying American flag is unfurled for the first time in Grove Creek Canyon on July 4th, 2017. The mission of the organization became apparent as the flag became an inspiration to the community.

2018 - Healing Flight 1

The tragic passing of the Mayor of North Ogden City left the community broken when Maj. Brent Taylor was killed in Afghanistan on Nov 3rd, 2018. Kyle Fox took Big Betsy to North Ogden for a secret mission, planned by Kirk Chugg and Josh Johnson. This led to the very first healing flight, and started what would become the first chapter of the organization. Click for story

2018 - North Ogden Chapter

After Healing Flight 1, the community of North Ogden were left with holes in their hearts once Big Betsy was pulled down from Cold Water Canyon. This void pushed Kirk Chugg to create a new chapter of the organization and acquire a flag of their own. Fundraising was put into motion for our next giant flag known as the “The Major”.

2019 - The Major

North Ogden acquires their giant flag measured identical to Big Betsy, 150’x78′. It’s name, “The Major”, dedicated to Maj. Brent Taylor from Healing Flight 1, and is meant to represent everything he stood and died for.

2019 - Healing Flight 2

Follow the Flag North Ogden began Healing Flight 2 by heading to Logan, UT to hang “Baby Betsy” in the heart of the town to show support and healing for the tragic loss of Elizabeth Shelley, or “Lizzy”. Click for story

2019 - Big Betsy's Last Flight

“Big Betsy” was destroyed by an unexpected micro-burst on the night of July 4, 2019. A healing mission was quickly assembled and the giant flag from the North Ogden chapter, “The Major”, was deployed to fly in Betsy’s place. Since the event, Big Betsy has been repaired and will serve as a parade/show flag. She will never fly again. Click for story

2019 - Healing Flight 3

When Big Betsy became shattered and torn from an unexpected micro-burst on the night of the 4th of July, the North Ogden chapter brought “The Major” to fly in its place to fulfill the rest of flag week events in Pleasant Grove, and to heal the hearts of all those so emotionally connected to Big Betsy.

2019 - North Ogden Flies Again

A flag flew in Cold Water Canyon one year after Healing Flight 1. But this time it was “The Major”, which flew in it’s home canyon for the very first time during the North Ogden’s annual Flag Week in November.

2019 - Healing Flight 5

Members of the Utah chapters deployed to Tucson, AZ to offer healing to the families that were massacred in La Mora, Mexico. The teams rigged a nearby canyon and deployed Baby Betsy which flew for the week that some of the children from the incident were receiving treatment at a local hospital. Click for story