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Healing Flight 5

Healing Flight 5

November 07, 20191 min read

TUCSON, Arizona – Follow the Flag deployed to Tucson, AZ for Healing Flight 5 for the families of the La Mora massacre. Kyle Fox and Brent Jensen began the mission by flying to Tucson to scout for a proper canyon to deploy one of our large flags known as “Baby Betsy”.


Once everything fell into place, the Utah team was called to action and began their 14 hour journey. Spirits were high, and everything happened as it should. “Meant to be” is something we all know too well. 

Many miracles happened to make this flight possible. Our team quickly learned how unwelcoming (and pokey) the arid desert landscape can be. However, we found the people of Tucson to be warm and inviting to us. Local patriots stepped up to help with the week-long operation and offer lodging, food and support. During the unfurling of the flag, we were honored to have several members of the family join us who had lost loved ones in the La Mora massacre. It was another moment that we will never forget. The flag is a symbol of unity. It brought healing to the hearts of those who we hoped it would. As the flag unfurled and we embraced each other under the flag, we all knew that we were supposed to make this trip. That day we were all Americans.

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