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Betsy’s Last Flight

Betsy’s Last Flight

July 05, 20191 min read

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – Our giant flag known as “Big Betsy” was destroyed by an unexpected micro-burst on the night of July 4, 2019. A healing mission was quickly assembled and “the Major” from the North Ogden chapter was deployed in Betsy’s place. The Major finished out the week in Pleasant Grove.

Since the event, Big Betsy has been repaired and will serve as a parade/show flag. While Big Betsy will not fly again, she will always hold a special place in our hearts as the flag that started a movement, honored our heroes, healed our hearts and inspired us all to rise up and be better today than we were yesterday.

Within a week and thanks to the generous donations from all over the country, enough money was raised to fund Big Betsy’s replacement. The new flag is currently being made and will debut in Pleasant Grove, UT during the week of July 4th. Thank you for your donations that enable us to continue our mission to honor, heal and inspire.

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