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Healthcare Worker Honor Flight @ Ogden Regional Medical Center

Healthcare Worker Honor Flight @ Ogden Regional Medical Center

April 28, 20202 min read

Follow the Flag North Ogden presented “the Lieutenant”, our 30’x60′ American Flag, on the Medical Arts building on campus of Ogden Regional Medical Center.

We were honored to be able to show our support and gratitude for the staff and medical professionals that serve our community and risk their well-being to keep us safe and healthy. Over the past several weeks, pieces fell into place for this operation to take place. The flag had spent the previous 3 days on the North Tower at McKay-Dee. It was lowered this morning, re-prepped and rigged from the roof of ORMC by our rigging professionals.

Smaller flags were also placed near employee entrances and along the road to the hospital. We hope that as employees come and go, they see each of these flags as a thank you from their community. Flags were also placed at the ORMC Pleasant View Emergency Department. These flags will be up set up each morning and down by 7:30 each night through May 1.

A special thank you to the administration of ORMC, HCA Healthcare and the Boyer Group for their cooperation to make this flight and display possible.

The Lieutenant was hung briefly but was unable to stay due to some damage on the top edge of the flag that did not enable us to anchor the flag properly. Luckily, we were able to hang another large flag “The Sergeant” (15×25) immediately afterwards. The flag will remain in place until Friday morning, May 1. As a team, we have followed proper guidelines as we have rigged the flag and met to plan. We encourage all who want to come and see the flag to do so responsibly, adhering to social distancing guidelines and being respectful of thru-traffic and parking at the hospital. The hospital is not currently open to visitors.


While we may not be able to hang and rig our flag from every hospital, we hope that regardless of where our healthcare workers are employed, that they will see our efforts as a blanket “thank you” to all of them no matter where they work.

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