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Volunteers Are Everything

Volunteers Are Everything

November 03, 20191 min read

In all types of weather, volunteers regularly assemble with Follow the Flag to do 3 things; Honor, heal and inspire. Resolve to accomplish the task, pride in our flag and honor for all we serve, drives us to tackle such monumental tasks.

The sheer size of the flags we hang require many volunteers to handle them with great care. Carrying the 400 lb flag up the mountain, testing the unfurling mechanisms, folding and storing the flag and setting up memorial displays of 100’s of flags require many volunteers. In this sense, volunteers don’t just make the tasks easier…they make it possible. If you want to be involved, we are always looking for volunteers. Please sign up for the newsletter and visit the website for details.

Thank you to our volunteers for always showing up and making things happen! We love you and appreciate all you do! We look forward to seeing you on the trails! 


Images by Carie Warren Howell

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